Orchestra Health Service Bus

Limitless communication: the just-in-time provision of relevant medical data is the basis for a successful and efficient treatment of the patient. The creation of the availability of data and information on specialized departments, different houses and extramural treatment facilities is one of the most important challenges in modern health care. Orchestra serves as a health service bus, which provides relevant information and content to all parties involved – from the clinical information system, through laboratories and radiology to the area where they are established – so that the best possible patient care is guaranteed.

Orchestra Health Record

End-to-end connection: the modular exchange and the flexible retrieval of health data between all actors involved in the health sector on the basis of IHE is established by national projects such as ELGA, EFA or EPD.
The Orchestra Healthcare Edition offers the possibility to create an „Affinity Domain“.
The master patient index, a document registry and repositories with other components is used to collect a persistent data layer over an organizational collective, which is made available to other collectives. The solution seamlessly integrates into existing product landscapes, enabling not only the provision of data, but also the consumption of relevant data from other Affinity domains.

Orchestra Healthcare Edition, with its Orchestra Health Service Bus and Orchestra Health Record components, is the ideal platform for highly scalable healthcare connectivity as an IHE platform.

Lukas Holzmann

Lukas Holzmann

Product Manager Orchestra


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Objective information transfer

  • Easily manage data streams
  • Just in time information
  • Agile transformation of content
  • Dynamic through scalability
  • Content filter options for medical messages
  • Integrated DICOM-Worklistserver


  • Fast, reliable messaging
  • User-friendly and intuitive monitoring
  • Automated system documentation at the push of a button
  • Central process monitoring in the cockpit

Total solution

  • Future-proof through platform independence, IHE, HL7 & FHIR
  • Usercommunity: active professional exchange of knowledge with users
  • Comprehensive long-term archiving capabilities of all Orchestra interface data
  • Coverage of provider and consumer functionality

Electronic health care

The IHE components „Master Patient Index“, „Registry“ and „Repository“ are filled via conventional HL7 messages and are available from this point onwards in a service-oriented manner. Assigners, patients and partners can set up their portals, mobile devices and desktop applications on this service layer and continue the patient care based on the shared file.

Orchestra Healthcare Edition connects in Irland

Standardized procedure

  • IHE-components: MPI, XDS, XUA, ATNA, uvm.
  • IHE-based access to data from different systems
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Basis for portals and mobile devices
  • Strong authentication methods & electronic certificates

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