High scalability, require minimal effort, quick semantic integration and data intelligence with the Orchestra Healthcare Edition


Orchestra Healthcare Service Bus

A rapid data exchange in the healthcare sector requires a smooth communications system. Whether in the synchronization of patients or electronic transfer of clinical observations, patients, documents and clinics have to interconnect.

The Orchestra Healthcare Edition provides a sustainable and powerful basis for this network. The middlware connects the different elements.

As a data hub within the network Orchestra translates the various data, adds on new information and ensures that the data is available in real-time. In addition, the information retain on a central location. Access control and audit protocols guarantee highest level of security standards.

The Orchestra Healthcare Edition is developing out of a connecting system to an autonomous data source Based on our principle “venture new and appreciate proven“, all previous features are still available.


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Orchestra Healthcare Edition

The Orchestra Healthcare Edition combines the Orchestra Health Service
Bus and the Health Record. As the final conclusion, an eHealth platform is created, which facilities communication between network participants.

Through the interaction of the three modules Master Patient Index, Medical Data and CrossCommunity, a central data base is created and secured,which is available to the a treating medicals.

With the Orchestra Healthcare Edition a participation in eHealth projects
such as the “Electronische Fallakte Deutschland”,”Elekktronische Gesundheits-
akte Österreich” or the “eHealth Irland strategy” can be realized.


Master Patient Index

  • all patient data is identified and combined using phonetic matching criteria, creating a holistic picture of the patient
  • based on proven sStandards, such as HL7 v2/v3

Medical Data

  • ensures independent availability of patient data
  • documents and clinical findings are stored centrally
  • real-time transmission, independent of time and place
  • ensures more efficient treatment


  • metadata is stored for each registered document
  • compatible with any IHE repository
  • accessible for every IHE Document-Consumer
  • ability to the XAD-Pid Linkchange